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 Are you trying your best to quit smoking but are not successful in doing so? Buy Champix under the advice from a doctor as it is the best smoking cessation medication around, manufactured by the multinational drug firm, Pfizer.  Generically known as Varenicline, this prescription pill that has helped thousands of people around the world quit smoking and is sold in the US as Chantix.

 Unlike other anti-smoking drugs that have limited effect, Chantix gives permanent relief. It helps the addict overcome the craving to smoke as it simulates the brain by activating a certain type of nicotine receptor, known as Alpha4beta2. Due to this, the drug stops the dopamine levels in the brain from getting aroused at the prospect of smoking. As a result, the smoker does not yearn to smoke anymore and with time, he or she quits smoking altogether.

In terms of credibility, there is perhaps no other anti-smoking drug that is as widely acclaimed as Champix. It was approved by the FDA in May 2006 and four months later, the European Commission approved Champix as a ‘stop smoking’ aid for adults, based on clinical studies.

 The recommended treatment course is that you should take 0.5 mg dosage once daily for the first 3 days. Then you should increase the dosage to 0.5 mg twice a day for the next four days.  Thereafter the dosage should be increased to 1 mg twice a day for the rest of the treatment. Though the initial treatment is for 12 weeks, many smokers reported excellent results earlier and were able to discontinue using the medication without smoking again, however it's suggested to continue the treatment for another 12 weeks after that.

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Buy Champix